Jack Stevens Inc. Travel and Life with Perspective

Jack Stevens, Inc. Travel and life with perspective. Jack Stevens is a connoisseur of existence: Specific places, events, and moments it time. Stop the clock and see what is going on around you. Life is made up of stuff. Some good, some great, and some not so great so it is the way we approach these things and what we get out of our experiences that shape our outlook on life and death. This site is dedicated to you the aspiring travel and life doer. Read Jack, be Jack! 

Based in Raleigh North Carolina USA, Jack has realized that the definition of home is a good place to get over a hangover. During a successful career in sales, Jack decided to start modeling. Not for the money, but for the experience. This new adventure of sites, people, and places overloaded his thoughts. Jack needed to decipher his perception of what was going on around him. He decided to sign-up for writing classes at Duke University in Durham NC. A talent was exposed but these skills needed to be developed and put to task. 


From the peaks of the Swiss Alps to the depths of the Sahara Desert, being there is the best way to understand who we are. The people, food, and drink are the destination. Getting there, travel plans, packing, and making arrangements take time and energy. Choosing the right flight may make or break the trip. The wrong hotel in the wrong place is unbearable. The right hotel in the worst place is memorable. Travel and life with perspective.

Life with Perspective

A spot of Bourbon, the flight of an arrow, the most amazing meal made and eaten alone. Sometimes to really appreciate a moment in time we have remove all distractions. Friends, company, family can all get in the way of our experience. Whether we are trying to please other people, or their presence excites us immensely. If we step out of the moment, we may just find what we are trying to get from life. We need to live life with insight.

Journey through time and add to your life a new perspective.